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A couple of tracks from our CD 'Slide to the Side'

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Utterly infectious danceable folk music with a simmering blend of different musical genres

Led by fiddle, pipes & sax, with blistering guitar solos and a monster groove machine of keyboards, accordion and drums, MoltenAmba deliver concerts and dances with haunting vocals, stunning tunes and instrumental pyrotechnics. An extraordinary musical fusion, bringing the rhythms of the world direct to your feet.

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"Cool - love this music! (Accordion Forum)"

"Just found out about this via Facebook. There's accordion in it (Richard Jones) and also pipes - my favourite piper & whistler, the lovely Chris Walshaw. Plus guitar, double bass, percussion. Not sure what genre it comes under, but that's precisely what I like. I'm certainly swaying and bouncing along to this! (Accordion Forum)"

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